Cocoon Process

A simple and straight forward procedure

Accumulated corrosive salt contamination is a significant cause of deterioration in heritage buildings. Rising damp refers to a process where moisture-carrying salt is drawn into the walls of a building.

Salt remains after the moisture evaporates. As more moisture is drawn into the walls the salt saturation increases, forcing moisture to travel higher up the walls until equilibrium is reached and gravity overtakes capillary. The pressure caused by the hydrating and crystallising of the salts inside the surface of the wall forces paint to blister and plaster, brick or stone surfaces to exfoliate.

Westox Cocoon works by drawing the salt out of the masonry it is applied to. The Cocoon is trowelled on in a 10mm thick layer where it slowly releases water into the masonry to place the build up of salts in the surface of the wall into solution. As the cocoon dries, the water containing the salts is drawn into it. The cocoon is then removed, along with the salt.

Download the Westox Cocoon Method Statement

Benefits of Westox Cocoon

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple and straightforward procedure
  • Non destructive to historic stone work
  • Combat salt damp and salt attack on traditional sandstone and masonry structures
  • Help to prevent rising damp
  • Combat reinforced concrete slab degradation, concrete cancer and spalling
  • Used against efflorescence

Westox Cocoon Videos