History of Westox Cocoon

Where Westox Cocoon Began

Westox Cocoon was developed in 1998 on Fort Denison with the assistance of the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Fort Denison is a sandstone structure built in 1841 that sits in the middle of Sydney harbour and the state government wanted to turn the building into a restaurant. 

Prior to desalinating the complete building testing was carried out to establish the efficacy of cocoon. Tests were arranged by Mr Jack Heiman former CSIRO scientist (now retired) along with our company following in house testing at our facility on various formulations, an onsite trial was set up on the island which resulted in 83% of salt removed in 26 days.

We are now one of the leading firms in dealing with treating salt problems in masonry and natural stone, and it’s because of Barrie Coopers many years of research and development of the product named Westox Cocoon®. We now have a solution to the problem with salt damage in buildings, both new and older heritage buildings and other artefacts can now be saved from deterioration, instead of losing them forever.