Westox at Sant'Apollonia Monastery

Sant'Apollonia was a former Benedictine convent and was originally the monastery for St. Marks Basilica, founded in 1339, just north of the center of Florence, in Italy. it is now being used as a museum for religious art works. (Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra).

Some of the remaining structures are demarcated on three sides by via Ventisette Aprile, via Santa Reparata, and Via San Gallo, located about a block west of Piazza San Marco, just north of the city center. The structures of the convent, suppressed since the 19th-century, are now put to different uses. The small church building is still present on the corner of Via Ventisette Aprile and San Gallo.

The Solution

Cocoon was used to remove salts from the 60cm thick walls over a two year period utilising the active rising damp to flush out the salts before installing a chemical damp proof course. An estimated 9kg of salt was removed from each square metre of wall area over the two year period.