What you Need to Know

We hope you have everything you need to know about Westox Cocoon, but we have some handy frequently asked questions below if you have questions. Or alternatively why not get in touch with us and chat to a professional. Westox Cocoon is a 100% water based and environmentally friendly poultice which helps remove the salts and effects of rising damp.

What method does the UK trade association Property Care Association (PCA) recommend?

According to the Property Care Association “there is no economic method of removing this salt…” however we now have the economic solution with Cocoon.


Please see this pdf download of the PCA article

Is Cocoon affordable for the average homeowner or is it just for larger Listed Building projects?

Cocoon is affordable and an economic solution to help address salt damp issues in your property.

How long would it take to treat my home with Cocoon?

From start to finish the process will take between 4-6 weeks but it has little affect on your lifestyle. Once applied, the Cocoon is covered and left to dry. See Cocoon process.

Is there any chemicals or toxic materials in the Cocoon?

No – Follow this link to the Westoc Cocoon Material PDF

If I can’t see the efflorescence staining on my wall do I have a salt problem?

There will be hidden corrosive salts in the masonry and we would test the levels to determine whether Cocoon is required.

How long does the salt removal last?

Every property is different but case studies treated 20 years ago in Australia are still within the “safe level” and the capillary pull in Australia is faster therefore we would expect to see faster returns of salt attack. The UK climate is cooler and wetter therefore it the results should give greater longevity. There is no exact number however the reduction of the salt attack as per the graphs should reset the accumulated salt levels.

What is the alternative to method of removing the accumulated salts from masonry and concrete?

Electrochemical Chloride Extraction is a very expensive alternative that cannot guarantee it will get below the safe levels of 0.2% salt content. On average this uneconomic method gets 50% of the Chlorides out however it cannot get the Nitrates or Sulphate out like Cocoon will.

Are there other Westox products available in the UK?

Yes - we have access to all the Westox Building Products, please see this link for all available products: westox-nordic.se.

At Westox we continue to develop and refine products and systems for the conservation of Heritage Buildings and Artifacts throughout the world. We are delighted to bring our knowledge to the UK and contribute to the preservation of our World Famous Landmarks.

Do you have a product that removes paint or graffiti from Listed Buildings?

Yes – D LAM 20/100. Ask us for more detials about this product.